michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


The Wine Trellis

(A wine tasting pavilion)

Michael Jantzen
© 2011

Conceptually this design is based on my vision of a symbolic abstraction of a giant grape vine that grows up from the earth onto a trellis to function as a new kind of truly organic structure. And like the leaves of the real grape vine, this symbolic abstraction can also produce its own power from the sun.
This design proposal for a wine tasting pavilion is made of a system of modular, re-arrangeable, sustainable building components. The size, shape, and color of the structure can vary based on the site-specific requirements,  and/or to accommodate changing needs.
The curved panels are formed into just two different radii. Some are insulated and used to enclose spaces that need to be heated or cooled. Others are un-insulated and are used to shade spaces below the trellis. These panels can be covered with many different kinds of materials such as metal, wood, concrete composites, fabric, and or with certain materials in development that would allow the entire structure to change its color with the seasons. It could change (like the leaves of the grape vine) from green, to yellow, to brown.  Still other panels provide the support system for places to sit and or to taste wine.
In this case, most of the curved green colored panels are made of metal, which is covered with a thin-film photovoltaic coating. This coating allows the surface of the structure to produce its own electrical power, which is used to supply some or all of the pavilions energy needs.
Most of the curved panels are secured structurally to the trellis. They can however be easily detached, repositioned, and secured into many other configurations based on changing size and or shape preferences. Some of the curved panels can actually be mounted onto the trellis in such a way that allows them to be mechanically moved from one position to another without having to be structurally detached from the support trellis. In this way, new spaces can be formed and or dissolved automatically.
Inside of the enclosed spaces, some of the curved panels penetrate through the walls, roof, floor, and ceiling surfaces to function as seating, tables, lighting, display supports, space definers etc. The modular rust colored trellis, through which the curved green colored panels are woven, is made of painted steel. This trellis initially can also be made any size and into a wide variety of shapes to accommodate site-specific requirements. In addition, since the structural support trellis is also made of a system of prefabricated modular parts, it can easily be added onto or subtracted from as needed, to accommodate the growth patterns of the symbolic grape vine, which it supports.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Anywhere in wine country!