michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


The Smart Church Pavilion, a public art structure

The Church Pavilion



The Smart Church Pavilion is a design proposal for a public art structure to be installed in a public park. The shape of the painted wood structure is symbolic of a generic church. The structure is equipped with sensors that monitor the proximity of people around it. Whenever someone approaches within a specific radius, the entire structure hinges open from the back allowing visitors to enter through a gateway, into the interior of the church. Inside the visitors will find seats built in around the perimeter, which they can use for special gatherings. Whenever the visitor’s leave, and the church no longer senses the presence of anyone in the area, it slowly closes back up.

Whether the visitors are religious or not, the hope is that the symbolic church shaped structure will create a sense of awe in their minds, and therefore provide a special place in which to be.

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Status: Unbuilt