michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


The Octa-Pod


In these times of the corona virus and our need to stay at home and remain as isolated as possible, more and more people find themselves having to work at home. Although there can be many advantages to this, there are also many disadvantages to having to work at home. The major disadvantage has to do with the lack of privacy when it is important to separate oneself from the rest of the family. The Octa-Pod was designed to offer one solution to this problem.

The Octa-Pod is a prefabricated, modular, re-locatable octagon shaped structure designed to function as a small backyard office/studio. The pod can be installed as a completely assembled or disassembled structure onto nearly any location. The basic disassembled structure consists of 24 pre-finished panels, a simple foundation, and the interior facilities. There are eight floor panels, eight wall panels (three of which are outfitted with sliding windows, and one with an entry door) and eight roof panels fitted with a large skylight that can be opened for ventilation. All of these panels are bolted together onto a simple treated wood foundation. If access is available, the completely assembled structure can be trucked to the site and placed onto its preinstalled foundation.

The inside of the Octa-Pod is fitted with a large desk that is mounted around the interior perimeter along with two storage shelves that are also mounted around the perimeter. The structure can be ventilated through the sliding windows and operable skylight which has a series of spotlights mounted around it. The electrical requirements can be supplied directly to the pod from a nearby house or other buildings, or supplied directly from the local utility. It would also be possible to power the Octa-Pod with solar panels that can be mounted near the structure.

Multiple Octa-Pods can be linked together to increase the size.

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Status: Unbuilt