michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


Solar Winds Cultural Arts Center

Michael Jantzen
© 2012

The Solar Winds Cultural Arts Center is a design proposal for a large solar and wind powered structure dedicated to a wide variety of cultural arts activities. The center is composed of seven conical shaped modular structures that are merged together at their bases. Each of the seven are fitted with a large vertical axis wind turbine designed to be integrated into the shape of the apex of each of the conical shaped forms. Four of the south facing cone shaped structures are fitted with large, integrated photovoltaic solar cell arrays. These solar cell arrays are backed with specially designed solar heat extraction systems.

The wind turbines, solar cells, and solar heat extraction systems provide all of the electricity, space heating, and water heating energy needed to operate the center. Whenever there is a surplus of energy generated by the structure, it is sent into the local communities energy grid. The tall conical shaped segments of the structure also function to naturally ventilate the center as air is drawn in at the base of each segment, and vented out through uniquely designed air exhaust ports at the top. Each of the seven conical shaped segments of the structure are also equipped at the top with skylights, which naturally illuminate the spaces below.

Because the seven conical structures have been merged together at their bases into one large cluster, very dynamic cave like open spaces emerge. These open spaces are ideal for most cultural arts events, and the modularity of the structure allows for easy future expansion of the Solar Winds Cultural Arts Center. Around the perimeter of the structure, and in-between the seven conical shaped segments, various flat shaped shade roofs bridge several of the segments, in order to form places for outdoor events.

My hope is that structures like this will help to demonstrate how to integrate alternative energy gathering and storage systems into large public buildings, and at the same time, create a new and exciting eco-friendly aesthetic for the future.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: none