michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


The M-Pavilion

The M-pavilion
(A special place to party)


The M-pavilion is a modular, functional art structure, made from sustainably grown Western Red Cedar wood, and colored green with an eco-friendly paint.
The structure is composed of about 350 square feet of partially shaded deck platforms, supported by eleven four foot by eight-foot support frame modules that do not need a special foundation. Twenty-five hinged panels (covered with wood slates) are attached to these support frame modules. The hinged panels surround the entire structure in a pattern of alternating angles that form an unpredictable shape. The structure can be easily added onto and/or subtracted from, to accommodate changing needs, or to just change the shape of the Pavilion.
An ideal location for the M-pavilion would be in a garden setting where it would be used as a special place in which to have a party!

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Status: Unbuilt