michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


A Knot In The Arrow Of Time

A Knot In The Arrow Of Time

 It has been my hope for some time that there may be ways in which my public art could play a positive role in the promotion of science, especially the big ideas of science.

The arrow of time is usually defined as the one-way direction of travel from past to future in time.

According to physicists, any motion allowed by the laws of physics also allows for the reverse of that motion. This statement as it relates to the arrow of time and entropy, inspired me to create this public sculpture called, A Knot In The Arrow Of Time.

The sculpture does not function as a declaration of a scientific fact, but rather symbolically plays with the idea of the reversal of time. It simply asks the question, what if time could be tied into a knot, what would be the fantasy implications? The hope is that those who encounter the sculpture will be inspired to think about those implications while they also simply enjoy the beauty of the object itself.

The sculpture is designed to be made of painted steel mounted onto a concrete base. The large scale of the object is intended to symbolically emphasis the scientific importance of the concept of the arrow of time.

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Status: Unbuilt