michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


The Rollout Workplace

The Rollout Workplace

The Rollout Workplace was designed to be a special fun space in and around which to work/and or play. Inspired by the recent trend to work at home instead of at a conventional office, the Rollout Workplace can be placed almost anywhere including in most backyards. The prefabricated, relocatable, painted wood structure needs little or no foundation and it can be moved from place to place on a flatbed truck.

The aesthetics of the structure are based on the whimsical concept of a roll of construction material being unfurled to facilitate the needs of its occupant.  

Part of the contained roll forms the enclosed weatherproof portion of the workplace, and the unfurled portion forms the exterior shaded portion. At one end of the unfurled portion, the structure morphs into a comfortable place to sit and work at a large outdoor desk.

On the inside of the enclosed cylindrical shaped portion of the weatherproof Rollout Workplace, there is an entrance door and two large circular operable windows on either side of the structure. On the front of the cylinder there is another large rectangular window situated over a large desk that runs the full width of the cylinder. In addition, there are various storage cabinets built into the enclosed portion of the workplace.

Electricity used to power the structure can be provided from a nearby house, and/or from a solar panel that can be mounted on the top of the Rollout Workplace.

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Status: Unbuilt