michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


The Malleable Space Pavilion

The Malleable Space Pavilion

(An experimental interactive architecture)


Michael Jantzen

© 2015


The Malleable Space Pavilion is an experimental interactive structure made from a system of components that allow for a wide variety of spacial configurations that range from symmetrical simplicity, to chaotic complexity. The pavilion consists of 192 white colored horizontal elements that are held into place by two gray vertical support columns. Each support column contains 96 of the elements, and each is held into place separated from the others on tracks, which allow all of them to be easily moved back and forth.

The 192 white elements can be kept symmetrical into two opposing blocks, or the blocks can be pulled apart, piece by piece, to form a wide variety of symmetrical and/or chaotic spaces in which to occupy. In this way, one can literally carve out of the two blocks, in real time, the kind of place they want and then reshape it over and over again. Roofs can be created for shade, doors and windows can be formed, places to sit or lay can be pulled out of the blocks, along with ever changing and unexpected spaces.

            Many new and exciting kinds of architectural spaces are being created today, but most are fixed in time and will never really change until they are forced out of style, and destroyed. I feel that a more advanced architecture is one that can be changed in time relative to changing needs and desires. The Malleable Space Pavilion is just one of many experiments into the design and construction of a changeable architecture that I have created over the years.

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Status: Unbuilt