michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


The EcOasis Pavilion

The EcOasis Pavilion

The EcOasis Pavilion was designed in response to the corona virus pandemic and the need to isolate us as much as possible at home. This pavilion is just one in a series of experimental structures that attempt to help make life at home in isolation more enjoyable, in this case through the process of growing plants.

The EcOasis Pavilion is a prefabricated wood structure designed to be placed near the main house with minimal impact on the surrounding landscape. It consists of a large eco-friendly greenhouse and a partially shaded deck. The design of the structure celebrates and merges the act of growing plants with relaxing on the shaded deck. The greenhouse and exterior plant growing containers can be used to propagate food crops as well as decorative plants.

The greenhouse portion of the pavilion is equipped with two large curved sliding clear glazed panels that can easily be opened or closed over the plants inside. Mounted over these are two large curved sliding panels covered with shading material that can be moved over the closed glazed panels or over the opened area in order to protect the plants inside from over heating. All of these panels are positioned (when not is use) over two storage spaces built into the right and left of the central greenhouse.

The inside of the south facing greenhouse is clad on the east and west with mirrored surfaces in ordered to reflect the low east and west sunlight onto the plants. The north wall of the greenhouse is fitted with shelves for growing plants and with water filled plastic tubes for thermo mass that store solar heat for night time use. The entire greenhouse can be vented by opening the sliding curved glazed panels, the north entry door, and/or through built in air exhaust vents.

There is a large solar cell panel mounted on top of the greenhouse that converts sunlight into electricity for use in and around the pavilion. This solar cell panel section of the shade roof collects rainwater for the plants and directs it into two large steel storage containers that are mounted onto the deck. Many exterior containers for growing plants are built onto the north exterior wall of the greenhouse as well as around the perimeter of the pavilion. Various accessories for the open deck are available for use such as a large table, seats, and lounge chairs.

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Status: Unbuilt