michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


The Pandemic Isolation House

The Pandemic Isolation House was designed around an architectural aesthetic that integrates various extreme needs and/or desires of the people who occupy the structure. In this case, the two occupants of the house and close friends and family will use it as an isolation retreat, in an undisclosed remote New Mexico location. Both of these people are very concerned about the pandemic and a need to isolate themselves in a secure manner whenever they feel it is necessary. A large circular swimming pool has been integrated into the design in the form of a ring that encircles the entire house, providing a kind of moat that discourages unwanted guest from entering the main house. Gated Stairs and a small footbridge lead across the circular pool onto a narrow deck that also encircles the cylindrical shaped house. The cylindrical shape of the house provides the owners and guests with a 360-degree view of the surrounding landscape that also aids in the monitoring of uninvited guests. There is a circular seat on the deck that is mounted onto the vertical exterior wall of most of the house. A curved staircase also mounted onto the vertical wall of the house leads to another circular observation deck on top of the house. A series of solar cell panels are mounted above the circular deck where they shade the space below. These solar cells power the house, and the roof on which they are mounted is designed to collect rainwater, which is stored under the house. The solar electricity made from the solar cells is also stored under the house in batteries. The collected rainwater is used for the pool, and to supply the needs of the house. The open floor plan of the interior of the house is equipped with energy efficient appliances, lighting, natural ventilation, a waterless toilet, and highly efficient water saving sinks and a shower.

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Status: Unbuilt