michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


A Personal Prayer Transmission Vessel

The Personal Prayer Transmission Vessel was designed to provide a unique sacred place in which to meditate and (with the help of specially designed technology) send an intimate prayer to your personal god.
The exterior of the PPTV is clad with white washed stucco, and gold colored metal. Inside of the vessel, at the center of the floor, is mounted a white metal kneeling bench equipped with an electronic digital note pad and pen.
Payers can be written on the digital pad with the digital pen. Once the prayers are complete, the red send button at the center of the kneeling bench is pressed in order to transcribe and transmit the hand written digital prayers out into the universe through the dish antenna mounted on the top of the vessel. Once the prayers have been transmitted, the word SENT appears on the digital note pad.
Crinkled gold foil lines the interior perimeter of the structure to reflect and symbolically contain the prayers of the occupant until they are released through the antenna.
The only light sources inside of the PPTV come from the surface of the digital note pad, and from the digital skylight mounted at the center of the ceiling. Moving images of blue sky and white clouds can be seen on the digital skylight and sounds of wind blowing can be heard to inspire the occupants during their visitation to the Personal Prayer Transmission Vessel.


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Status: Built
Location: In your backyard!