michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


The M-velope, A Perforated Metal Retreat Structure

M-velope Retreats are functional art structures designed to be used as special places in which to escape from the ordinary. The structures range in size and most are made of sustainably grown wood that is colored with environmentally friendly stains or paints. This M-velope is clad in perforated painted metal. In every case, the M-velope Retreat’s shape can be changed from simple forms to more complex forms by shifting various segments of the structures into different positions. Usually the structures do not need foundations, depending on specific site requirements. Depending on their size, function, and location, they may also not need a building permit. All of the M-velope Retreats are prefabricated and can be shipped in sections that bolt together at the construction site.
The ideal location for an M-velope Retreat is in a garden. They can, however, also be used inside of an existing building as a special meeting or work space. They could also be used inside of an existing house as a special place in which to sleep, eat, work, or play.

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Status: Unbuilt