michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


The Folding Dream House

The Folding Dream House


The Folding Dream House was designed as a special place in which to sleep.  It is about the size of a large hotel room that is made from two prefabricated portable modules. The modules contain a queen sized bed, a large closet, a shower, toilet, sink, combo pod, a dinning table with four chairs, and two small portable food prep and storage units.

The prefabricated modules are made of painted wood, which support six large sliding glass doors around the perimeter, and two large glass skylights in the roof. The sliding glass doors are equipped with screens and privacy shades.

The entire structure is fitted with a series of triangular shaped slotted shade panels that are hinged onto the modules. These panels can be folded open or closed in many different ways around the modules in order to accommodate various functional and/or aesthetic requirements. The slotted panels can be moved and secured in ways that shade some or all of the sliding glass doors and skylights. They can also be folded completely around the modules in order to safeguard all of the glass when no one is occupying the house. There are six large triangular shaped decks and stairs around the perimeter of the house, each located in front of the sliding glass doors.

The folding slotted panels can also be used to simply change the shape of the structure as well as the quality of light that enters the interior through the sliding glass doors and skylights. In addition, the views of the surrounding landscape through the glass and the slotted panels can be dramatically altered depending on the fixed configuration of the panels.

The Folding Dream House can be installed almost anywhere off of the conventional utility grid, and powered by the sun and/or by the wind.

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Status: Unbuilt