michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


Strange Attractors

Strange Attractors is a series of photomontages made from images of some of my three-dimensional sculptures, and architectural designs. Those images were placed into my computer where they were isolated from their original backgrounds. The isolated sculpture or architectural design images were then manipulated in various ways in the computer. Many were layered many times as the scale was changed each time forming new complex versions of the original images. Some were layered with scale changes, cut into pieces, and then reassembled into new formations. All of the new image variations were then placed into various photos of natural landscapes. Often isolated images of people and/or animals (some wearing masks) were placed into the surreal scenes. In general the conceptual design intent was to create completely new and unexpected montages that will inspire the viewers to think about what these things are and where they came from. Exploring the beauty of complexity in the various reinvented three-dimensional formations was the primary driving force in their creation.



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Status: Unbuilt