michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


The Solar Electric Oasis

The Solar Electric Oasis

The Solar Electric Oasis was designed to be prefabricated and assembled at the installation site. In general, the structure is a fun place to retreat to from the sun and maybe eat some lunch at various public events where lots of off the grid electricity is needed, such as music festivals and other large public gatherings. At the same time, it can be thought of as a giant solar powered battery that supplies electricity to these kinds of events.

The assembly would start by laying and leveling 8 beams made of wood or metal directly onto the ground. Then 4 large electrical battery storage modules would be placed onto the beams. There are 16 yellow colored elements either pre-attached or attached at the site to the storage modules. These are non-structural and can be removed when needed to access the batteries inside the modules. There are also 16 yellow colored roof support beams that are structural and transfer the loads via 8 support columns directly to the floor so there is no load on the modules.

The floor is made of plywood that is screwed to the floor beams, and the plywood floor in this case is covered with Astro Truf.

The roof is covered with 8 large solar panels that are made from formed metal pans, clad with thin-film photovoltaic material. Those panels are supported by a prefabricated frame made of steel angle. Under the solar panels there is a layer of fabric shade material, that along with the solar panels, shade the space below. All of this is attached to the yellow roof beams.

­­Under the roof there are 3 large yellow colored solar powered ceiling fans, and 3 yellow colored table and seat combos. There are also 4 large outdoor photos of aspen trees attached to the sides of the battery module doors so interior access is still possible. This shaded space is accessed on the two ends by ramps, and by two steps on each side of the pavilion.

All of this prefabrication can easily be reversed and reassembled at another event where electricity is needed.

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Status: Unbuilt