michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


The Solar Electric Sculptures

Solar Electric Sculptures


Solar Electric Sculptures were designed as functional public art projects that generate electricity from sunlight (for the community in which they are installed) through the integration of a large photovoltaic panel, built into the sculpture.

The structures vary in size, and are all made of steel. They are designed to be prefabricated and modular, so they can easily be placed onto nearly any site. The large photovoltaic panels mounted at the top of the sculptures convert sunlight into electricity, which is sent into the conventional power grid of the community in which the sculptures are installed, and some of the solar electricity can be sent into the base of seats that can be mounted around the base of the sculptures. The seats are equipped with receptacles that visitors can use to charge their phones, computers, etc.

The Solar Electric Sculptures were designed to be placed into many different kinds of public venues such as, parks, universities, corporate campuses, rest stops, etc.

The design of these sculptures attempt to increase the aesthetic appeal of the basic photovoltaic panel, by incorporating it into a simple yet powerful looking structure that celebrates the use of alternative energy gathering and storage systems. My hope is that projects like this will showcase the potentials of ways in which public art can be used to in crease the awareness of sustainable technologies.

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Status: Unbuilt