michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US

A public art sculpture
A public art sculpture
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The Open Cube

­The Open Cube

(A public art sculpture)


Michael Jantzen

© 2015


The Open Cube is a large public art sculpture made of gray and white painted steel. Its form was derived from a process of randomly subdividing a cube into six segments. Each of the segments has three scalloped edges, and one straight edge. All six are folded out from the symmetrical cube (mostly at the corners) on the straight edges in various directions, in order to create an unexpected transformation from the symmetrical cube, to a completely organic and asymmetrical form. Of course the six segments could be folded in and out in different ways to create different forms, and different numbers and/or sizes of segments can be subdivided from the cube to create completely different kinds of sculptures. Color is also important in the transformation of the cube. In this case, the inside of the cube was painted gray, and the outside white. As a result, the unfolding transformation from inside to outside is emphasized by the color change. In general, the intention was to invent a method for creating new and unpredictable forms of sculpture that are not based on preconceived ideas, but rather on the surprise of random events.


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Status: Built
Location: St. Louis, MO