michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


The Elevated Leisure Habitat

The Elevated Leisure Habitat

The Elevated Leisure Habitat is the first in a series of new kinds of art structures that will function as very special vacation places. They were created to be rented to people who are looking for a completely unique experience.

This specific Elevated Leisure Habitat is meant to accommodate the needs of two people, with larger habitats to come. It consists of a small house and five amenities that are normally associated with a conventional vacation house, but that are normally located adjacent to the house in the surrounding landscape. In this case, the house and the associated amenities have been elevated high above the surrounding landscape at different levels.

The house, located at the center of the complex, is fitted with sleeping facilities, a desk, a toilet, shower, and a small food preparation area. The surrounding associated amenities include, a garden, a hot tub, a picnic pavilion, a porch swing pavilion, a solar cell array for electric generation, and a hammock. All of these associated elevated amenities are connected to each other and to the main house through a series of staircases, two of which end at the ground level.

The aesthetics of the complex evolved from the use of a symbolic conventionally shaped house, along with the associated amenities that also maintain shapes that symbolically refer to their conventional counterparts. In all cases, the support structures have been painted white in order to heighten their symbolic status.

Just the fact that these elements (which we are used to seeing on the ground) are now elevated to different heights, and we have to climb from one to another, creates an unexpected and exciting experience.

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Status: Unbuilt