michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


Michael Jantzen's Body Reconstructions

Michael Jantzen’s
Body Reconstructions
(A series of photo art collages)

Michael Jantzen
© 2013

Much of my work as an experimental artist and designer has explored ways in which the built environment could be reinvented in new and exciting ways. Some of that work has researched the general idea of reconstructing the physical built environment with a kit of parts. This approach is very interested to me because a relatively few number of parts (if well designed) can be combined and recombined over and over again in many different ways, in order to create many different kinds of environments.
In my new series of photo art collages, I have taken a similar design approach, but in this case I have used images of different parts of my own body as the kit of parts. My photo art collage kit of parts included images of my hands, feet, legs, chest, back, and head. Each of these body parts have been assembled together in different ways in different collages, in an attempt to form unique structures.
In some cases, the final image can be thought of as a two-dimensional blueprint for an actual three-dimensional space.

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Status: Unbuilt