michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


­­The Interactive Circular Pattern Forming Pavilion

­­The Interactive Circular Pattern Forming Pavilion

Inspired by traditional Japanese sand gardens, and by traditional gazebos, the Interactive Circular Pattern Forming Pavilion is an experimental merging of interactive art and architecture. Its ultimate purpose is to provide a very special place in and around which, its users can relax, and/or perhaps, meditate.

The space between the center pavilion and the outer perimeter circular wall is filled with a small-grained white gravel. As the footbridge and tube and rod assembly are rotated around the perimeter of the pavilion, many different patterns can be formed into the white gravel as the various rods are dragged around. The variations of patterns can be formed by the speed of rotation along with the positions of the 13 rods, and by the back and forth movement of the entire assemblage. A blade attached to the front end of the footbridge continually smoothes out the previously formed patterns so that a nearly endless variety of new patterns can be created.

The Pavilion is powered by a large circular solar cell array that is built into the center of the roof. Concentric composite cement rings radiate out around the solar array, shading the space below. Eight painted steel columns support the roof and a perimeter railing. There is a large disc shaped solar powered light suspended from the ceiling, at the center. Just below the light is a large round table and benches, mounted onto the floor. The entire pavilion was assembled and attached onto a large circular concrete base. The top edge of the circular base is fitted with a steel rail, onto which is attached a narrow footbridge. The opposite end of the footbridge is also connected to another steel rail, which is mounted to a large perimeter circular shaped wall that encircles the entire Interactive Pattern Forming Pavilion.

Both ends of the footbridge are connected to the perimeter rails with wheels that are driven by small solar electric gear motors. These gear motors are designed to move the footbridge at various speeds, around the perimeter of the center pavilion.

There are 13 movable rods and tubes mounted onto one side of the moveable footbridge. These rods can be lifted up or down and secured into different positions into the support tubes. The entire assemblage of rods and tubes can also be moved back and forth automatically.

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Status: Unbuilt