michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


the great vine winery

The great vine winery

The great vine winery is a conceptual design study for a large winery equipped primarily with wine tasting, retail, and office spaces. Large areas on the exterior of the structure are also used for wine tasting, picnics, and for special events. Many of these spaces are shaded by the large curved green panels.

The entire winery is powered by a large, dark colored, curved solar array. This solar array mounted onto the center arched section of the structure, converts light from the sun into electricity. Skylights mounted in the roof of each of the enclosed cylindrical spaces are shaded by various curved panels. These skylights are used to supply natural light and ventilation to the interior. Additional natural light and ventilation are supplied by various perimeter windows and doors. Some of the natural cool ventilation is drawn into the winery through vents built into the raised floors of the enclosed cylindrical spaces. Rainwater is captured off of the curved panels and stored in reservoirs under the structure for use in and around the winery.

Symbolically, the great vine winery appears to have grown out of the ground like a giant grape vine giving the visitors the feeling of being sheltered by a real grape vine growing in the vineyard.

If the great vine winery needs to be expanded, more space can be added by growing the symbolic vine to any size and shape needed to accommodate changing needs. The entire structure is designed to be made of lightweight, cast, colored concrete composite materials.

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Status: Unbuilt