michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


Out of the Box Pavilion

Out of the box pavilion

(An interactive functional art structure)


Michael Jantzen

© 2014


The Out of the Box Pavilion explores the boundaries between sculpture, architecture, and furniture. The sustainably grown painted wood structure is assembled from sixteen primary modular support frames, onto which are mounted sixteen slotted panels. Each of the slotted panels are hinged diagonally at the center, and to one end of each of the primary support frames. All of the support frames and slotted panels are attached to an elevated floor made from six additional modular panels. All of the slotted hinged panels can be moved into various positions on the support frames, so that they can be completely closed and/or opened in different ways in order to change the shape of the pavilion, as well as the way in which the light enters the interior.

Two sections of the floor on the inside of the structure can be hinged up and secured at various angles in order to provide a comfortable place to lean against, while sitting on the floor. The size and shape of the Out of the Box Pavilion can change by adding additional panels. The interior space of this configuration is approximately eight feet wide, sixteen feet long, and eight feet high.

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Status: Unbuilt