michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


The Energetic Pavilion (a public art gathering place)

The Energetic Pavilion

(A public art gathering place)

Michael Jantzen

© 2014


The Energetic Pavilion is a public art gathering place structure that explores the boundaries between sculpture, craft, and architecture. The painted steel portion of the structure is mounted onto a concrete platform made from three overlapping circular disks. The disks progress in diameter forming steps that lead to an entrance through the side of the pavilion.

A symmetrical open grid frame dome (made from red painted steel tubes) supports hundreds of randomly bent pieces of silver colored steel tubes. The symmetrical grid frame, and the randomly bent pieces of tubes, are all wired together in a handcrafted basket like fashion.

The purpose of the bend pieces of silver tubing wired onto the red symmetrical dome support frame, is to symbolically refer to some sort of high-energy field that is being held in suspension. The suspended symbolic high energy field, support frame, and stair-stepped platform, will hopefully inspire the visitors to make up their own stories about the origin and/or function of the Energetic Pavilion.

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Status: Unbuilt