michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


The Interactive Sliced Chair

 The Interactive Sliced Chair is part of the House And Its Furnishings As A Metaphor, series of sculptures. All of these play with the iconic house and its furnishings shapes in a variety of abstracted contexts, juxtaposing them with other recogniz­able symbols. Minimal and conceptual, these sculptures are meant to interrogate the meaning and function of the house and its furnishings by exploring how simple interventions affect their interpretations. In this case, the intervention consists of a series seven segments (or slices) that make up the entire shape of the symbolic chair. Each of the slices can be moved on tracks (mounted into the base) back and forth in and out of alignment with the symbolic shape of the chair. In this way, the entire shape of the chair can be changed by fragmenting it in many different ways in order to form very unexpected chair based forms.

All of these interventions are meant to explore new ways in which to merge art, architecture, and furniture, with the goal of discovering unexpected symbiotic relationships, which will advance the state of the art of each.

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Status: Unbuilt