michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


The Eco-WineCube

Eco-Wine Cube
Michael Jantzen

The Eco-Wine Cube is a design proposal for a special wine bar, which will only serve sustainably grown wines. The structure itself will be made of sustainable materials and the size of the cube will vary depending on its final location. Much of the energy needed to operate the Eco-Wine Cube will be gathered through various appendages that extend in different directions from the top of the structure. Some of these appendages are fitted on their funnel shaped ends with photovoltaic panels for generating electricity from the sun, some can solar heat domestic water. Some are equipped with light gathering and amplification systems. Others are able to catch and filter rainwater, and some are designed to direct air into the cube for natural ventilation. Some of the funnel shaped ends of these appendages are fixed into a specific orientation, while others can be articulated for optimum efficiency.
Symbolically, these appendages refer to a giant grape vine that has grown out of the top of the cube in order to gather energy from the local environment.
On the inside of the Eco-Wine Cube, the trunk of the vine has sprouted large solar powered LCD digital display windows. Some of these digital windows present ever changing images of various wineries, along with other relevant wine related information. The tables surrounding the center support vine are topped with interactive LCD screens that present pertinent wine selection information along with other interactive entertainment displays.
The goal of this design was to integrate art, architecture, technology, and sustainable design into one unique experience. 

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Status: Unbuilt