michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


The Backyard Work/Play Pod

The Backyard Work/Play Pod

The Backyard Work/Play Pod (created in response to the pandemic) is a special functional art structure in which to work or play. The design of the painted wood structure is based on an eight-foot cube, but these dimensions can change, and the basic cube can be connected together with other cubes in multiple diverse configurations, to form much larger spaces. The prefabricated cubes can be delivered to nearly any site with little preparation needed.

The basic cubes consist of a structural support frame, floor, four surrounding decks, and steps. The structural support frame is fitted with four large insulated perimeter sliding glass doors and screens, along with an insulated glass roof.

Surrounding all of the glass are ten slated triangular shaped painted wood panels that are hinged onto the main support frame. These panels can be hinged closed over the glass, and/or opened out into many configurations around the glass. This flexibility allows the light and heat level of the interior space to be manipulated in many ways, to accommodate the needs of the user.

The ability to move the panels into many configurations also gives the user an opportunity to change the shape of the pod from a basic cube, into many different abstract forms. These different forms can be used to change the function and/or just the aesthetics of the structure.

Solar cell panels can be mounted onto the structure to power it, or they can be mounted on the ground nearby. The Backyard Work/Play Pod can also be plugged into the main power grid if it is available.

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Status: Unbuilt