michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


The Stair-Scape Terrain Structure

The Stair-Scape Terrain Structure (A special place to exercise)
Michael Jantzen
The Stair-Scape Terrain Structure is a prefabricated, modular, public, functional art project designed to encourage people
to gather together and exercise. The 110 foot long structure is made up of three sections. Two of the sections consist of 120
steps and six landings. The third center section is made into the form of two low rolling hill-shaped ramps.
The ideal location for the Stair-Scape Terrain Structure is in a public park where it could be located in line with a new or existing
path. Visitors to the park who encounter the structure can climb on the stairs and/or walk on the curved shaped path for
exercise. Skate-boarders and people in wheelchairs can also use the center curved ramp. The two stair and landing sections of
the structure can be made of wood, and/or steel, the center curved section is made of concrete. Since the structure is prefabricated
and modular, it can be made almost any size to accommodate site-specific requirements.
The aesthetic design of the Stair-Scape Terrain Structure is meant to symbolically refer to a landscape of mountains and hills.

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Status: Unbuilt