michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


Hybrids, Architecture for the Metaverse

Hybrids, Architecture for the Metaverse


Hybrids, Architecture for the Metaverse is a series of photomontages inspired by the Metaverse, and ways in which the people immersed in the Metaverse might interact with the fantasy architectural objects displayed in the photomontages.

The intention was to create architectural objects that have never been seen before, in order to inspire the participants in the Metaverse to become more creative in their interactions, without the constraints of conventional architectural images.

These photomontages were not created with AI. Instead, they were made with a unique method I have developed over the years. I start by photographing with a digital camera, some of my 3D sculptures and architectural models. I then place these photos into my computer where I isolate the objects from their original backgrounds. Those isolated 3D images are then manipulated with the computer in various ways. In some cases the original objects are layered while changing the scale each time in order to form a new composite object. In others, the original object is warped in different ways and assembled with other images that form a completely new object. All of the new altered objects are then placed into various photographs of unaltered landscapes, which in some cases include images of people.

Of course the next step is to place these new composite images into the virtual Metaverse.

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Status: Built
Location: Santa Fe, NM, US