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michael jantzen

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The Solar Wind Pavilions

The Solar Wind Pavilions

The Solar Wind Pavilions are large painted steel public event spaces designed for installation near large cities as functional tourist attractions. They all make electricity from the sun and from the wind, and collect and store rainwater for the cities they are near.

The size of the pavilions can vary depending on site-specific requirements. In all cases the public event spaces are built around large wind turbines. This particular pavilion consists of a 212-foot tall 1.5-megawatt wind turbine tower with 116-foot long blades (that convert wind energy into electricity) and a 200-foot diameter circular event space.

The top of the event space is fitted with eight large photovoltaic arrays that convert sunlight into electricity. The electricity made by the wind turbine and by the photovoltaic arrays is sent into the local power grid for use by the city.  A large circular channel built into the perimeter of the roof of the event space collects rainwater and directs it into large underground containers, also for use by the city.

The roof of this event space is also fitted with eight large skylights that illuminate and ventilate the interior during the day. The roof is supported at the center by a modification to the wind turbine tower and at the perimeter by sixteen columns. Set behind the columns is a perimeter of thirty-two operable glass panels that illuminate and ventilate the space during the day.

The support tower of the wind turbine has also been modified to allow visitors to climb from the inside up a spiral staircase to an exterior observation platform, built into the perimeter of the outside of the tower.

Except for the center turbine tower and public restrooms, the entire event space is open to accommodate various kinds of exhibits, conventions, ceremonies, etc. Of course the entire Solar Wind Pavilion is powered by the wind turbine and photovoltaic arrays.

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Status: Unbuilt