michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


Structural Reformations (A series of photomontages)

Structural reformations

(A series of photomontages)



Celebrating the beauty of structural complexity with photomontages.


Michael jantzen’s goal in the creation of these photomontages is to produce a totally unique and unexpected series of images that have never been seen before.

To that end, he developed a system through which all of the final photos are made. He starts by taking various photographs of some of his unique sculptures and/or architectural models, with a digital camera. Michael then places these photos into the computer in order to isolate the images of the objects from their surroundings. Once this is done, he also uses the computer to cut up the images of the original objects, and reassemble the pieces back together in new and unexpected ways.

These reformed images of the original objects are also sometimes multiplied and layered on top of each other. In some cases, the new images are once again made into three-dimensional objects, so that the whole process can start again, in order to evolve the original objects into even more complex and unexpected montages.

Michael’s hope is that these images will be interpreted and enjoyed as a unique celebration of the beauty of structural complexity.

All of the photomontages in this series were made from images of one specific sculpture. 

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Status: Built
Location: St. Louis Missouri.