michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


Breaking Out Of The Box

Breaking Out Of The Box

Breaking Out Of The Box was designed to be a special place in which to work. The entire design of the functional art structure hopefully inspires its occupants to think out of the box as they work on their own creative ideas.

The basic cube shaped work space is made of lightweight structural foam panels and glass. The outer foam cube has been subdivided into five fragmented sections that surround a smaller glass cube. Each of those sections are hinged onto what’s left of the outer cube. This allows the occupants to open and/or close the outer cube in many different ways in order to accommodate changing needs and/or desires.

In this way, the outer cube can literally be sculpted in different ways around the stationary inner glass cube. The inner glass cube contains the weatherproof workspace that is equipped with a desk, chair, access door, and ventilation.

Since the inner glass cube is transparent, the fractured outer cube can be experienced from the inside as well as from the outside. The entire structure can be transported in one piece, and installed almost anywhere without a complex foundation. It can be solar powered and/or powered by conventional methods.

Breaking Out Of The Box is one in a series of explorations into ways in which sculpture and architecture can merge in new and exciting functional ways, and as a result, inspire those who encounter it to think out of their boxes!

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Status: Unbuilt