michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


The Space Time Continuum Plaza

The Space Time Continuum Plaza

(12 rolls of the dice)

© 2018 Michael Jantzen

The Space Time Continuum Plaza is a design proposal for a large public art installation inspired by some of the work popularized by Albert Einstein. The installation was formed around the rolling of 12 pairs of dice within the confines of a scale model of the central circular plaza. Each of the 12 dice rolls were plotted relative to the center support structure, and the surrounding enclosed plaza. The dice were then stacked sequentially and supported horizontally with rods to the center support column, in order to re-establish their original relative position in space and time, therefore creating a representation of a space time continuum. The structure is 62 feet tall, and each of the dice are 4 feet square. The support column and the dice are made of painted steel, and the circular plaza is made of cast concrete.

The installation is designed to be placed at a science center, in a public park, at a university, and/or any public venue where people can use the installation as a public art-gathering place.

The Space Time Continuum Plaza is part of a series of public art proposals that are designed to celebrate and promote some of the big ideas in science. The hope is that installations like this will inspire the general public to become more interested in and excited by the beauty of science, through their exposure to public science based art.

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Status: Unbuilt