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    The Shit

    By Oana S.
    Dec 19, '06 11:44 PM EST

    Two brothers. One an incurable optimist (O), the other a hopeless pessimist (P).

    The pessimistic brother gets tons of expensive gifts.
    The optimistic gets a horse shit.

    O: What did you get?
    P: I got so many expensive presents at once, that this is probably my last Christmas. I must have some disease. I am dying.
    O: Well, I got a horse but it's hiding somewhere around here.


    • brian buchalski

      i'd been wondering where my horse went...thanks for the clue

      Dec 20, 06 10:02 am
      vado retro

      happy holidaze oana!

      Dec 20, 06 1:39 pm

      you had me guffawing in the office

      Dec 21, 06 9:03 am


      Dec 22, 06 9:44 am

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