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    y otro, y otro, y otro...

    By Oana S.
    May 26, '06 2:57 PM EST

    Well, strangely enough... no progress here.
    As in all the last weeks, I'm hoping for the next one to answer my questions.
    Does time really solve things?
    On a Saturday, at 6 a.m., at an open air club, the bodyguard asked me what my age is! Unconsciously I was about to say 16, turn around and get mad to sleep.
    What's your age again?!
    Mick Harvey is playing here tomorrow. Niiiiiiiiiiiice!... I guess.
    Next week: Monday - deadline, Tuesday - holiday, Wednesday - deadline, Thursday - deadline, Friday - deadline, Saturday - exam.
    I guess I should have seen it coming.
    All in all, one week of deadlines in one semester seems fair enough.
    I have been abusing the term fiesta lately.
    If you think I have been abusing this term lately, watch out for Pena.
    Haven't had a beer in a week. Does that mean I'm clean?
    The sun scared us last week, but now it's just fine.
    Yeah, Barça won. Old news. Sevilla tambien.
    The good thing (mas o menos) is that a sequence of deadlines keeps you of thinking. No chance at all.
    Cola + sleep? + coffee + food?
    I've been told you would forget a language when you learn a new one.
    I haven't forgotten any, haven't really learned any, but the constant change of languages during one days makes me dizzy. I can't speak just one language. I suppose something is working really slow up there, ”˜cause every time I try to speak in English my lips prefer Spanish, y vice versa.
    But the good news is, next week, after the deadlines, finally... I mean it has been a surprise for me too... I can never keep something for myself!!!
    I've been to the Prado .
    I was hoping to the last minute that it would be Prada, pero............
    Funny when people consider you a native. Mostly tourists do this mistake, that's true, but still... But what are we? We're not guirries y no espanoles.
    Last week I have been introduced to the ”˜underground' o ”˜los goticos'. Funny. Funny. Funny.
    Dinner on Sunday? Sounds nice.
    See you there.


    • brian buchalski

      dinner. tomorrow. us?

      May 26, 06 11:11 pm

      you should wear pants, especially if you take her to the food court, puddles.

      oana, guirries?

      May 26, 06 11:30 pm
      brian buchalski

      oh's been ages since i've heard from oana...i'm pretty sure she hanging out at the tgi friday's with vado...damn

      May 26, 06 11:42 pm
      vado retro
      May 27, 06 10:05 am
      sporadic supernova

      i love a good bloody mary .... !!

      May 29, 06 8:50 am
      vado retro

      thats a strawbeery margarita!!!

      May 29, 06 8:58 am
      brian buchalski

      hmmm...maybe i could get a job at tgi fridays. that'll be pretty cool, right?

      May 29, 06 4:52 pm
      vado retro

      yes puddles you should definitely send them your cv.

      May 29, 06 10:22 pm

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