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    the inventive neighbours return

    By Oana S.
    Jul 26, '05 11:43 AM EST

    The images presented in the inventive neighbours are actually my kitchen view, my neighbours. While stalking for the pictures, only the guy working out saw me (I hope). He keeps the curtains closed ever since. I tried to be discreet but I hope he didn't get the wrong idea.
    Anyway, last week a psycho from that building shot and hurt with an air gun a woman and a kid from the opposite building (the one I live in), while they where in their apartment cooking/playing. He also shot at a lady on the street and decapited in the same manner some pigeons. Lovely. I have to mention the next building after the one I live in is the police headquarter!!!
    The haven't found the guy but are still searching for him.

    So, I'm trying to figure out, by their window profile who it is... (too many bad movies).
    All in all, the stalker bussines is not a safe one.

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    • ala rear window

      hmmm so Oana is playing Christopher Reeve (I sacrilage to refer to the remake instead of the original!)

      Jul 26, 05 6:08 pm

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