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    last study

    By Oana S.
    Feb 21, '05 4:39 AM EST

    friday was the last day of scool. now i have a 1 week vacation. Of course, it had to end with another study, how else. Our teacher happened to be the town chief architect and i suppose all he really wanted was a real updated database. We tricked him and also made some proposals. We analized an urban isle, trying to figure out what was good (nothing really) and what was bad (a whole bunch of stuff).
    In the end we had around 30 pages and had studied ca 40 patterns. The team was made of three students, thanks god! the whole week i had a cold, with fever (unfortunately not that kind of saturday night fever) and was stuck in bed. But, we worked as a team and i made the computer stuff. i'll show a page, the others are in the same concept: greyscale map, strong colours.
    Now i'll hope to get out of town for a few days, refreshen my strenghts. Enjoy.

    ok, i've been trying to upload the pictures for 1 hour now. it doesn't work!!!!!!
    i'll try later again!

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    • drs

      :D Enjoy your break...

      Feb 21, 05 6:30 am

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