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    sweet irony and mass destruction

    By Oana S.
    Mar 8, '05 12:58 PM EST

    You might have heard about the 'People's House' built by former dictator Ceausescu. I'll give you a short description.

    The Guinness Book of Records lists it as the worlds second largest building (330,000 square meters), after the Pentagon. In total cubic content (2.550 million cubic meters) it ranks third, after a rocket assembly plant on Cape Canaveral and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl in Mexico. Even the Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza is only in fourth place.

    The main architect on this project Anca Petrescu is now running for mayor of Bucharest (former mayor is now our president). How ironic is that? That building is now the Parliament's House, but it's probably the most hated building in the country. Ceausescu's plan of the big geometric boulevards (f***ing comunism), that point towards People's House was not only urbicid, but mass destruction. Hundreds of houses from the 18/19th century , churches”¦ everything that was a whitness to history (or even history itself) was destroyed to get some monumental axes to a building that has a even more ironic name. Thousands of people from all over the country were brought to Bucharest to work night and day on this monstrous project. Now, the leading architect wants to be the mayor of the city that she practiclly ruined. Don't even think about the ‘she had no choice, ceausescu would have killed her' version. She doesn't even realise what she has done!


    You can try to imagine how things would look like in case of her ellection: let's rip down this half of the town, make the bulevard larger and extend it to ”¦ russia, so we can wave Putin. Oh, and it has to be seen from the satelite, bigger then the chinese wall. God, I love being an architect!
    view from People's House

    Last year there was a bike contest in the ‘People's House'. Looked nice!



    • vado retro

      looks like a great street for drag racing american style!!!

      Mar 8, 05 10:29 pm
      a bike contest

      well there ya go. but it's much more expensive than other bike facilities.
      Mar 10, 05 5:57 am

      you mean you have mtb races in your parliament house? damn, that's what i call taking democracy seriously, way to go!

      Mar 15, 05 8:17 am

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