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    on a train

    By Oana S.
    May 6, '05 2:58 PM EST

    On the way back to timisoara.
    The train I'm in is so dirty that you are under the impression that sitting down may affect your health. I'm at first class. I've been forced too many times too listen to other people's loud discussions while being pressed in one corner trying to avoid any kind of contact. The only difference between 1st and 2nd class is that in the same compartment there are 6 instead of 8 seats. It stinks and everything is dirty. I wait for the train to start as that is the only chance for some fresh air.
    A woman is cleaning up: she empties the trash can on the floor and sweeps it, together with the dirt from all other compartments, to the end of the car.
    Finally the train started, I don't have to hold my breath anymore. The ticket costs 2.5$ and it will take 3 hours for 100 km. Eternity ends sooner. And trains are unfortunatelly not the only thing moving slowly in this country. Anyway, not all trains are like this but my hometown is a dead end. On main routes you are luckier.
    I live now for 4 years away from my hometown (less then 100.000 people). Each time I come back I feel more estranged. Living in a city like Timisoara (2nd biggest city in RO), having acces to internet and international tv channels may affect your sense of reality. But as soon as you live the urban area it strucks you. From details to important things, from the country houses' facades to the holes in the roads (this is a major prbl). It is uncivilized.
    You have to understand, I'm not trying to show you Ro darkest side and I am not carried away and complaining about the state of this place. All are just pure observations, trying to show you what it's like for an arch student here and I'm giving my best to be objective. And I promise I'll show you some of the good things around here, as soon as I get to them.
    I have two no. of ”˜Detail' in my bag and I tried to read them, but the view won't let me. It's like reading ”˜cosmo' and then looking at the people on the street. No glimpse, no similarities. Arch is a luxury.
    So let me tell you how the houses are around here: mostly they have 1 story, structure brick walls, small rectangular windows, 2-3 rooms a roof with two or four slopes, tiles, facades are mostly continous or separated by a small fence, garden only in the back, the front is not longer then 8-10 meters, in the back of the house you will always find adjacent small improvised buildings (some for depositation). There are probably less then 5% that don't have improvisations. I never understood why these house don't use the space in the mansard (it could be another room) and instead waste it with depositation. The kitchen is the most important room as it is the hottest one (from cooking). That's why you can often find a bed in the kitchen.
    One day I hope to make a small study on my own, and analyse some country houses. Its been done before, but it could be fun. I suppose...
    The train stopped in a village. In a house garden near the station (about 8x10 meters) people were having a party: music, barbecue, beer, noise. All passangers looked at them while they were dancing, shouting and waving to us. For a few seconds we took part at their party.
    Now some pics from around.
    this is a house destroyed by the floods. And these isn't the worst scenario.
    you might notice that on the right part the roof is missing.
    i actually wanted to photograph the 'warning - COW!' sign, instead i discovered at home it was a 'warning - bull!' sign...
    this is my father's neglected 33 years old car. i thought about sending it to 'pimp my ride' (too much bad TV!). the car called 'dacia' is an original romanian production, available in eastern EU. now there are some newer versions of it. Today the firm was bought by Renault, the latest 'dacia' is Logan (around 7000 Euro). it fits the market, as most ro people seem to have a weekness for this 'brand' (to call 'dacia' a brand is really hilarious).
    the neat interior...


    • liberty bell

      Whoa - seeing those images then reading the phrase "pimp my ride" really caused my brain to bounce - how far-reaching is AMerican "culture"!!! Thanks, Oana S.

      May 6, 05 4:44 pm
      Mason White

      that is one well proportioned romanian bull!

      May 7, 05 1:46 am
      vado retro

      xzibit wants to pimp that ride. dvd playaz in the sun visors pumpin stereo for pumpin maybe hydraulics for some bouncing. rocknroll babee.

      May 7, 05 8:42 am

      Pasionat.Ma intereseaza dacia 1300 daca e de vanzare!Mailul meu este din Timisoara
      Dacia 1300 is my favourite car!I want to buy a well keeped one.I realy love this type if looks's beutifull,classic,economic and freindly whit budget!

      Oct 1, 07 6:07 pm

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