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    hypocrisy at its best - coming soon

    By Oana S.
    Nov 30, '05 4:18 PM EST

    Christmas time! Ha!

    It's said to be the time of year that brings out the best in people. Well, this is something to doubt, if I might say...

    On the one hand people turn into fierce full materialists. Without a notice it just gets in your head, louder and more determined then ever 'gifts, gifts, gifts... buy now!'. The problems appear instantly: 'I buy him/her that expensive gift, but what if he/she buys me a symbolic cheap one? ' / 'don't I better save this money and buy myself something nice and try something symbolic, straight from the heart for them? - though, maybe they go also for symbolic, so there's no gift for me!' / etc.
    why else dou you believe there is not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 threads on the discussions regarding gifts, one month before christmas?!
    these are btw ALL wishes archinecters have expressed til today 30 dec 2005, 23:20 local time

    It is also a good opportunity to get more things you don't really need (I'm at the second 'arch now volume 1' and expect the third 'vol. 1' this year / my brother used to buy me several Christmases in a row a perfume I hated - he always remembered I had a reaction, just couldn't tell which). Of course, only the gesture matters, but these gestures could have mattered a lot more, if you ask me.

    Yes. Christmas is all about loved, beloved etc; there is no 'I' but only 'You'; gifts are supposed to be symbolic, they just look good under the tree, but tell that to your kid. There is no 'I' but only 'You'.

    If you deny it now, at least when you were a kid, you have to admit you loved surprises and gifts and this was the perfect season for them. But back then Santa (I accidentally typed 'Sanat' instead of Santa and the 'Word' offered 2 alternatives 'Santa or Satan' - creepy!) just was way better at his job... How often do you get things you never thought of (or didn't knew they even exist)? Sorry, but Christmas sells everything!!! The only pure beings in the business are the kids: their joy for the presents (which Santa always knows J) makes it all perfect. Their only question is 'why did they put Jesus' birthday on Christmas? does he get twice as much presents?'.

    But besides the materialist matter there is also the spiritual one: Christmas turns us into crybabies!
    You are emotionally sabotaged at every step. From the new ballads you are obliged to listen (no new normal song in this season - everyone has a sloooooooooooow song!), to the moralist movies in cinema, to the distorted image of Santa in every posture possible on the streets (I always felt pity for Santa and what people did to his image). The TV and radio are corrupted and full of voices that try to get to your 'soft spot'. In the end you just have to turn into yourself... and then another tragedy: tears, apologies, redemption, guilt, and so on and so on.

    People get so 'soft' in this holiday that you risk making them cry by saying 'hello' in the wrong tonality. If someone comes and apologizes for something you can't remember ever happening: it's the season. And the 'good-intention-I'm such a nice person-Santa, can you see me?' - smile, people throw at you everywhere, makes you wonder if there is an escape.

    Wrong time for sanity.

    Since we are at it, I wanted to apologize for my behavior this whole year (whatever I did, I apologize!). Hope I didn't offend / sadden / upset etc. anybody. In case I did, I am sorry. I promise next year I will do my best (not like this year) to become a better person. I can already feel I am a better person. I promise to help my mom with the dishes. Ok, I'll also walk the dog (though my brother should take care of that, since I'm taking care of the dishes, but maybe he's not that much of a good person. Ok, I'll do it!).

    Santa, you accidentally there? If yes: in case you are confused or need advice for the archinecters presents, here's a little help (you will find my request under 'Oana S.', 18th thread down, 8th up - mail me in case you forgot my address -which would, btw, explain a lot!).

    If no: who am I talking to?

    I told you it's not sane...


    • vado retro

      are you sure you don't need a toolbelt?

      Nov 30, 05 5:00 pm

      don't hold back now Oana, tell us how you feel...

      Nov 30, 05 5:03 pm

      I usually dont get or give anything for Xmas, but this year I need some major cash. So if anyone is interested in charity work, send me an email, everytime I get an email an angel will get his or her wings.

      Nov 30, 05 5:08 pm

      Oana S., yours is my favorite Archinect blog. You make the interweb worth it.

      [I'm excited that my wish got included!]

      Nov 30, 05 5:14 pm

      great as usual...i wouldn't mind that rickenbacker though.

      Nov 30, 05 5:43 pm

      Are you guys saying you want more Oana for Xmas?

      Nov 30, 05 6:50 pm

      nice collage- didn't expect to see the Volvo pic in there...

      I appreciate that you have a healthy disgust/distrust of the world but it doesn't seem to cloud your thinking.

      Nov 30, 05 7:25 pm

      I suddenly can't get the song out of my head, The Oana Daze of Christmas.

      Nov 30, 05 7:49 pm

      thanks, once again, for sharing your unique and insightful perspective.

      Nov 30, 05 9:16 pm
      brian buchalski

      since i have now joined a community of minds and renounced all material goals in favor of intrinsic or relationship-based values, my only holiday wish is the oana keeps contributing to her blog at the healthy pace she has maintained

      Dec 1, 05 12:34 am
      "Are you guys saying you want more Oana for Xmas?"

      That's not what I said... But I like it.

      MORE OANA S.!!

      More ire and frustration! More biting opinions and rapier wit! More pictures of hot naked chicks! And iPods.
      Dec 1, 05 1:29 am
      vado retro

      real girls in toolbelts

      Dec 1, 05 7:06 am

      goddam. it feels good to be a muslim at times like this..
      but tina still wants a fuckin' i-pot.

      Dec 1, 05 9:57 am

      did i say pot? thats what i want. selamunaleykum santa..

      Dec 1, 05 10:27 am
      the cellardoor whore

      who says muslims dont buy presents on and for xmas?
      and what do u mean by the distorted image of santa?
      you mean he's....skinny???????????????

      Dec 1, 05 12:44 pm

      what is that golden thing at the almost top?

      Dec 1, 05 1:27 pm
      liberty bell

      That's exactly what you think it is, French - see here and follow the "titanim memory stick" link posted by Suture.

      Beautiful collage, as always, Oana. We do want more of your blog for christmas!

      Dec 1, 05 2:22 pm

      Wow, someone took my wish for the Iced Out belt buckle seriously. Maybe I should be afraid.

      Dec 1, 05 6:32 pm

      Oana, that's exactly how I'm going to work in the the nude. How did you know!?!


      Thanks for the blog, and I hope you have a good holiday, no matter how/what/where/when you celebrate....


      Dec 1, 05 11:57 pm


      great collage. How did you get and place all the images? If its an nternet image culling program...

      ...then i want one of those programs for xmas!

      Dec 2, 05 2:43 am

      its all there!!!!

      my orange lambo
      the lime green management chair
      an i book

      (and to clarify, i had suggested to OTHERS that the get the titanium swizzle stick and i-buzz for the ipod. Not that there is anything wrong with them)

      Dec 2, 05 2:54 am

      Oana's making a list, checking it twice.....

      Dec 2, 05 3:41 pm

      So liberty, you think it refers to Dazed and Confused post or is it on your wishlist too Oana?

      Dec 3, 05 8:31 am

      fantastic. as always.

      Dec 3, 05 11:33 am

      i like how the two sex toys got dropped in there with little notice. A brilliant collage Oana. merry christmas don't let scrooge bum you out (or bite on your bum as they say)

      Dec 4, 05 12:42 pm

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