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    013/08/05/ six feet under /

    By Oana S.
    Sep 22, '05 1:58 PM EST

    Cemeteries usually have a very peacefull atmosphere, they are a place where you find silence, be on your own. Right? Wrong!
    Sometimes cemeteries are tourists attraction, with guided tours, highlights and unknown treasures, as the Montparnasse, Pere Lachaise or Monmartre (probably the most famous cemeteries in the world). The atmosphere is very special and solemn. The tombstones are amazing and you might even have the feeling of a time travel. The very famous figures buried there contribute to the interesting experience. But I have to say I felt at the border of ridiculous while highlighting on the map the tombs I was interested in. it was kind of like: ”˜ok, I have to see: Gericault, Morrison (dah!), Chopin. How about Modigliani? Well, if he is on the way there, why not?' while cheking with a red pen a X on the map. Later on I found myself waiting at Balzac's grave for a guide to finish his story and to proceed with his group of 20 people.””the guides are something! Have you ever listened to them? They always make very ”˜social' jokes, buy their audience with juicy information (something like vip news) and explain everything in such a way that they ask for a question (and there will always be somebody to put the question). They are actors who mime endless patience but I bet it's not too hard to make them lose it. Then again there still are people who have to go to Moliere's grave to find out that he existed. - if you have trouble finding a grave, follow the flock.
    If you get lost or go through the graves and not on the avenues you will find hidden/ forgotten / unknown treasures. the atmosphere is full of a history you paint inside your head. and god knows, there are moments when places like these are extremely tempting!!!
    Nevertheless, it is nice to see metrotickets, letters, books, photos under a small stone on a grave. On Nadar's grave (which didn't look very good) there was a photo film!
    The MAN was not as expected Jim Morrison but Oscar Wilde. His tombstone was full of ”˜kisses'. I was totally surprised and still don't understand it. Maybe he is mistaken for Dorian Gray. Anyway, chicks apparently love him. Besides the letters and flowers left on the grave, there also was a jar with sour cucumbers. Women!


    • Long Live Oana S.!

      Sep 22, 05 2:05 pm

      that's awesome.

      Sep 22, 05 3:47 pm

      remember that thread on architectural masturbation.......

      Sep 22, 05 5:39 pm
      brian buchalski

      i had never thought much about it before, but i suddenly find myself wondering which font i should have on my tombstone, especially for my name.

      Sep 23, 05 12:33 pm

      strange, the fonts on man ray's and max ernst's are so....normal.

      Sep 23, 05 2:14 pm

      nice kitty, oana [and post, as always]. see you made it to brancusi's grave. did you go by the museum next to the pompidou?

      Sep 23, 05 4:02 pm
      brian buchalski

      i have become a big fan of edwardian script lately and i think i'll do something similar to that but i need to find/invent a slightly more unique version before i die.

      wow, that sentence kind of puts things in perspective, doesnt't it?

      Sep 24, 05 1:20 am
      vado retro

      it is the spectator,and not life, that art really mirrors.-oscar wilde.

      Sep 24, 05 9:08 am
      liberty bell

      The Viennese cemetaries are also awesome - the trek out to Egon Schiele's (sp?) grave is definitely worth it.

      I plan to be cremated and then interred in one of my buildings within a specially shaped concrete block designed for that purpose. No name on it - I'll disappear until I'm released by demolition.

      Sep 24, 05 3:58 pm
      Oana S.

      yes aml, i've been to his studio... andd i loved it.

      Sep 24, 05 7:28 pm
      Sep 24, 05 11:07 pm

      death becomes her

      Sep 25, 05 1:50 pm
      vado retro

      i plan to be cremated and then mixed in with a batch of "special" pot brownies.

      Sep 25, 05 4:25 pm

      i don`t want to die.

      Sep 27, 05 3:35 am

      death? in a few civilizations no one will know who mozart or mick jones [or Tomata du Plenty ]] were.

      Anyway, chicks apparently love him.
      wasn't Oscar Wilde gay?

      Oct 30, 05 7:04 am
      Oana S.

      i thought so too (oscar wild=gay) but i must be missing something...

      Oct 31, 05 4:41 am

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