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    ups and downs! lots of downs!

    By Oana S.
    Jan 29, '05 4:35 AM EST

    i suppose everyone knows how it's like when life took over you, like faith has been decided and you can't do anything about it anymore.
    i have 2 job offers. 2. not brilliant, not that bad neither, i suppose. but i just can't decide. i could use the cash, some new experience wouldn't be bad... only i feel that if i take this job 'the deeed is done'. then i'm going to work til the end of my life. well, evetually i'll have to, i know, but i still have a certain need of learning things, of getting to know more. i still want to get to study abroad, to travel ... it might be a panic attack, but inside me i know i still want to discover the theoretical part, instead of drowning in practice.
    i just made up my mind and won't take the job. i always thought taking the first job matters a lot, so if i don't feel like it is the job i'm hoping for, why do it?
    let's see if i have any good feminine instinct.
    thanks for listening.
    PS on monday a new exam. some aditional prayers wouldn't hurt! :)

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