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    By Oana S.
    Mar 1, '06 6:26 AM EST

    yep, still cold. beer, whisky, rum, they usually work, but when in school it´s a bit harder. though, from my experience, alcohol stimulates speaking foreign languages. i might give it a try.
    until now there isn´t much to say about school. {!^]?}yesterday was Andalucia day, so it was a free day. {!^]?} the day before I was foolish enough to go to school, not knowing that it was a free day by default, before the free day. and today is a full day, so i´ll probably freeze in the sitting position. no problem, i´ll melt in april (april should be warm, right? i mean warm inside the house...pls, at least april).
    the most interesting class i chose (also the hardest one. why do these things always go together?!) is Historia de la Arquitectura Iberoamericana. unfortunately it was scheduled yesterday, on the free day, so... The teacher is really good and he has a very pleasent way of speaking (not pleasent like falling asleep, pleasent like not thinking about sleep). at the seminar we have to choose one of 10 buildings and analyse them - the teacher will group each foreign student with locals - i´m afraid they won´t be very happy about a non spanish speaking colleague.
    spanish class started... it´s funny to see al these erasmus students (if we had a tattoe on our forehead saying erasmus, it would have been less obvious) staying together. it´s really cool ´cause we are from 12 countries, including: italy, germany, poland, russia, iceland, greece, japan, maroc.... so it´s quite a bunch of different characters, ideas, languages, thoughts. everybody went through the same issues: staying in a hostel while searching for a place to stay, paying a lot on telephone cards while searching for a place to stay, trying to go to school while searching to find a place to stay, ´learning´spanish the hard way while searching for a place to stay, hoping to have some money left after finding a place to stay, freezing and prblems with hot water in the place where they stay.
    But there is also a lot of useful information you get: original version playing cinema, cheap food and drinks, expensive food and drinks, spanish basics etc.
    so we are still tourists. i hope soon to take the step and mingle or at least pretend a little better i get it. :)
    my 2 hours are up.´
    aaaaaaaaa before i forget: a general complaint to the University of Seville - i´ve been waiting for over 2 weeks and will have to wait for at least another 2 to get the temporary student card (the main student card will be probably ready after i leave Seville) and it sucks. can´t even go to the library!!! and that´s the only warm place.


    • myriam

      This is an awesome entry: it brings back both memories of freezing in studio in the early winter before the university decided to bite the bullet for the year and turn on the steam generators for the heating system, and memories of my year abroad. He he! It sounds like so much fun!

      Also, even though your English has always been good, oddly enough since you've moved to Spain I swear it has been noticeably better! I wonder if that's a side effect of learning *another* foreign language...? Or maybe you are having to use English in place of Spanish sometimes?

      Mar 1, 06 8:14 am
      Oana S.

      i use english with the fellows erasmus students.... but as soon as i get that damn student card, i want to get some books in english!!!
      maybe because english feels like a mother language when ur abroad and don´t speak ur own language?!
      as u might have noticed i tricked them today and got a double ratio of internet. HA!

      Mar 1, 06 8:20 am

      lingua franca is the term, no?

      alcohol does indeed facilitate speaking other languages, you cease to care about sounding like a fool. all my best spanish is drunk spanish.

      Mar 1, 06 8:42 am
      brian buchalski
      Mar 1, 06 9:02 am
      vado retro

      and i thought i was the reason for the good english...

      Mar 1, 06 7:10 pm
      Oana S.

      vado, u are the reason for so many things... :)

      Mar 2, 06 7:13 am

      your ease with english has become remarkable. It's been an enjoyable thing to witness.
      a recent trip to Miami confirmed my version of spanish is only good in Mexico. Disconcerting.


      Mar 2, 06 2:57 pm

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