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    K., Citizen K.

    By Oana S.
    Apr 11, '06 5:42 AM EST

    the sun has kept me away from any closed rooms - school vs. laying in the sun on the grass, 0-5 - O.'s parents are coming for the semana santa - the city is not ours this week - M. got a lollipop as a present from P. - he didn't appreciate it - I should be more tolerant and patient - O. got 60 sunscreen as a present - he will definitely appreciate it - D. got a job - A. has muscular ”˜fever' from exercises - I have to get a tan - a 10 min. distance could take up to 1 hour this week - we are supposed to have holiday, but somehow ended up studying more then during school - I want to swim - M. misses Hamburg's nightlife - he goes to sleep at 8 after desperately searching for an open bar - in have to change the music on my ipod - I will get O.'s first book - it's in Icelandic, but it will be my first book signed by the author - E. could translate O's books from English to Spanish - what were the chances?! - the Cancun is closed, the Jackson has an entrance fee and the prices are doubled - enjoy semana santa - M. has to choose whether to swim in the Ocean or the sea - tough decision - P. has a foot bracelet with lots of bells - you can always hear her walking - I miss sand between my toes - on the grass there are ants - 'So, I wanna live life in a wooden house, Where making more friends would be easy, I wanna live where the sun comes out.' - I am initiating a collection of cheap earrings (the ones sold on the streets) from different places of the world - the ones from places I have been to will always remind me of them - the ones from places I have never been to will help me ”˜travel' with my mind and remind me there still are places to go to - I underestimated Spain - now I am paying for it - I didn't hear anyone complaining in any way about Seville - they complain about the traffic but they don't really know what that is - P. used the term ”˜human scale' to describe the city - clichés and prejudices exist for a good reason - whatever that reason is, they sometimes prove to be so true, that you ask yourself whether you follow your own or a old-established path - P. is stressed ”˜cause she doesn't know what to do with her life - I don't think we have to know what to do with our lives - how often did you thought you knew what you wanted to do with your life? - one life implies so many other lives - M. showed us ”˜agua de sevilla' - the girls were lucky ”˜cause the boys hated it - the town is best at night or early in the morning - these days there is no such thing as a night - there are things that are beyond language - in which language do I think? - people put on their best clothes and walk through the city or watch the pasos - they are all about family - it is nice - does it have anything to do with religion? - I still believe they are the most friendly people on this earth - they are glad and proud to explain and show you anything - my version of ”˜the trial' will probably take place in and between 2 elevators - I am waiting for the Romanian ”˜Tuica' (strong drink) and P. for the Greek one - we plan to cook something from home - are P.'s friends still coming?! - E. has noticed that the sun keeps us away from her class - I wonder if she actually has a problem with it - O. is getting pink from the sun - he will suffer - me too - M.'s theory is to keep as many clothes as possible on you ”˜cause there will come a moment in which you won't have anything to take off - he dresses as 1 month ago - I don't think it will work - music is goooooooooood - P. takes flamenco classes - she will be good in it - it was her dream - why don't people follow their dreams?! - guess they don't know them - M. blushes - he probably hates it - we are turning from compromising, smiling hypocrites into cruel bastards - I guess this is a good thing - let's call it evolution or getting to know each other better - we should speak Spanish with each other - the theater was really nice - there are things that are beyond language - in which language do I think? - life should be for free - I brought a dvd late to the library - crime and punishment - P. makes fun of my ”˜si' and ”˜vale' - I think the secret is to speak louder and more exuberated - the river is nice, but sad when you think that few km away there is a sea - they have TV screens in the buses and that is the way i stay in touch with the world - I have to get a bike - a lots of ”˜have to' lately and very few resolved - give us the city back - some places are surreal - being disconnected from the internet and computer is strange but it's a welcome feeling - how could I be afraid that my blog is exposed? - it is as safe as the safest thing on this earth (whatever that might be) - I refuse to be more tolerant and patient - I like the feeling of working really hard and squeezing your brains - makes you alive - I am glad that Paulo Mendes da Rocha got the Pritzker - some ”˜new' names would do us good - V. is acting weird and childish - everybody has different reactions and answers to different situations - only some are way beyond comprehensibility - questions that don't need an spoken answer are floating around - I'll go have a tinto - is anyone actually reading this?!


    • aml

      por supuesto, we're reading this! oana, i've been missing your blog. a great read as always.

      Apr 11, 06 10:05 am
      brian buchalski

      i going to learn how to read just so i can keep up with what oana writes!

      Apr 11, 06 1:34 pm

      You're the Prague of Archinect. Good to see your entries again.


      Apr 11, 06 3:03 pm
      vado retro

      yes u r the prague. everyone wants to visit you but ends up in budapest...

      Apr 11, 06 6:36 pm
      sporadic supernova

      reminds me of jim morrison !! .. thats a good thing btw. :)

      Apr 12, 06 12:42 am
      Sisak Tamas

      salut, iti citesc blogul din cand in cand ... de obicei interesant - mi se pare in mai mare masura un jurnal, decat cele mai multe bloguri. in fine, eu am terminat anul trecut la cluj, acum lucrez la Brasov. am vrut sa-ti trimit un gand de-acasa :D sarbatori fericite! sa mai tinem legatura!


      Apr 19, 06 3:42 am
      brian buchalski


      Apr 20, 06 4:35 pm

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