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    3/BCN/the last bit

    By Oana S.
    Aug 6, '06 6:27 PM EST


    • Medit
      As about Barca… I saw it in 3-4 days

      you have made that typical touristy mistake - ;) - of calling the city by its soccer team name... no one calls her "Barça" (that is, no catalan from BCN or anywhere else in the country) .. if you want to shorten her name its "Barna" (quite .. um.. posh) or you can use its acronym BCN (some people, mostly some of those too obsessed in being "cool", even use the acronym in informal talking, which can be the most ridiculous thing ever...)

      in some decades, when you'll have returned several times -a la Robert Hughes- you may even start calling her the "Ciutat Comtal".. which will make you look both *really* cool and profound, like a real connoisseur... :)

      Thanks for the pics .. they're fabulous!
      Aug 7, 06 5:01 am
      brian buchalski

      very nice...i'm jealous...but you already know that. :)

      Aug 7, 06 8:20 pm

      and nice to see i convinced u to get ur own thing at FLICKR!!!!

      Aug 8, 06 10:00 am

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