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    By Oana S.
    Mar 24, '05 12:46 PM EST

    It the second time when I try to upload pictures to my blog and my internet connection breakes down. I must say this is a major european provider! Hmmmmmmmmmm”¦ they are definitely after me”¦ if you don't hear from me anytime soon, they got me!

    On Monday and today we had deadline. First the analysis and then the strategy and chosing the right spot. I always enjoy the analysis, we work in a team, I usually end up as a ‘manager' (I just hate it when people are sitting together and don't say a thing, no one wants to coordinate), I get to work in photoshop, do some graphic stuff. Nevertheless, the biggest complain is that we never have enough time. A poject as a mall or whatever must be finished in 14 weeks(not in teams). 2 weeks for an analysis (in the same time we have 2-3 other projects and class) is not much. And then I can't stop thinking about what I could have done further. Anyway, this is a humile part of what I've done so far. There are around 30 other pages like this one. I'm tired. I'll go get wash my brain in front of the TV.
    The layout was simple but ok. on the lower part we wrote with smaller fonts all the species existing in the arboretum. There are 738 of them, so we covered all pages with them.
    This was a description of an ecological project in my country, about a special tree.
    This is the site. The arboretum is on the upper part of the road, a natural forrest on the other side. I chose to place the research center on the vest, outside the park, and also made a new entrance. i don't want to build in the park, nor place any facilities that are not about education or research nearby. All facilities regarding entertainment (restaurants, tennis court) are placed near the other forrest and the village.

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