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    By Oana S.
    Apr 5, '05 10:39 AM EST

    just had a nice dinner the other day with a friend from tunis and another one from peru ( bith of them cooked, i ate!). so we started debateing about the countries we're from, people, habbits.
    i promised jam-arch i'll write about traveling here. Well, i suppose you have the same chances of getting robbed in here, as in other EU countries. Ro is pretty safe from that point of view (i can say this after what i heard about lima). as long as you don't put your wallet in a easily reachable place, there is no problem.
    you can get here with by air, bus, train and even sea (it depends where u're coming from). with a little luck there will always be a person that speaks english when u get stuck .
    In certain areas, for example moldavia (monasteries XVI century) or maramures (wooden churces) people are used to tourists and always helpful. in the cities foreigners are a usual thing. it just depends on what u're interested in.

    between 14-21 april there is the biggest student manifestation in town: 'studentfest', organized by students from different universities (it has different sections: art, arch, theatre, dance, music, literature), includes conferences, installations, happenings, workshops, and of course, parties. i can't promise it is a a big deal, but if u're insterested, u're welcome. we even take care of your accomodation and everything. here's the link , though the english version doesn't work.

    i got to run to school. if any of you have any intentions to come around, just say so and i could give you some tipps.

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