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    By Oana S.
    Feb 16, '05 5:42 AM EST

    'til friday we have to analyse an urban site. the teacher in charge is also the town chief architect, and he wants as to make a database and some proposals to solve the neighboorhood's problems. But for now i will show you the analyse we made at the begining of the last semester. The site is near downtown, in the historical part of the town. once it was the heart of the town, a symbol, now it is in a very bad shape. there still are a lot of very old buildings (at least 100 years old), and i believe that there is a chance for reconditioning them in the future. in any normal country, this kind of neighbourhood would be one of the town's attractions. i hope the pictures are big enough. i have also to mention that we worked in a team of 5. thanks to my colleagues.
    we started by confronting several maps, showing the evolution in time. the red dot marks the site. in 1849 there was an interdiction to build closer then 570meters from the fortification(the interdiction fell in 1893). you can also see the river 'bega'. the map of 1900 represents a proposal to bulit the railroad along the river. in 1905 they built it , in mirror to the river, around the 'fortification', the towns center. from there, the town was separated in 2 parts, as the railroad interrupted the continuity of the ring roads. the train station (placed in the vest, near our site), grew in proportions, and the connection between the neighbourhoods along the station is weak. this is one of the town's main problems.
    further on we analyzed the facades, noticing which should be kept, which not, and the shape/condition of the important buildings.the 3d renderings are poor but where ment to show the sun/shadow on the site and some sections for the height of the buildings. on the upper part we showed the unbuilt spaces, constructions, acces on the site on the ground level, height of the buildings, intensity of traffic.
    here we showed the closest churches, hospitals, post offices, entetainment facilities but also the land parcels and vegetation (a guy in our team came up with the latin name of every plant on the site). the graphics in the upper part show a social study made in that area. we had to analyse the site and see if it was proper for a mall (actually a minimall), but after the social study we thought that a mall, in the curent conditions, would be kind of a 'helmut newton for the poor' (inspired from kippenberger/ this remained the title of the analyses). i have to say here that in romania there are only a few malls. in my town, timisoara, the first mall will be ready in september (an this is ca the 3rd town in the country), in bucharest there are 2. a mall is therefore considered to be a big thing, not scum.
    on the last page, besides infrastructure, the condition of the buildings and the economic activities we made a strategy/ proposal in order to rehab the area.
    in my opinion, the idea to place a mall in such an area is not very smart, and in total opposition with what the neighbourhood needs.

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