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    alive ?!

    By Oana S.
    Jun 20, '05 11:58 AM EST

    i spent my last week here, in front of my computer, sleeping 5 hours per night (actually I am lying, this was the plan but I always stopped the clock and slept another hour), eating sandwiches and lots of sweets, listening to bad music on the radio (when I work I don't really hear the music, but I found out we have a romanian ”˜coldplay', a romanian ”˜lamb' and a romanian ”˜placebo'), working while talking on the phone (I can't actually remember one conversation), friends coming bye asking why I didn't start woking earlier ( of course, they don't know anything about architecture), going to sleep when others get up, making experiments in archicad and artlantis while reading tutorials, convincing my computer it has enough memory so he'ld better do his job quickly (he's not very receptive ), reading funny posts on archinect while the computer was rendering (that's about all the laughs I had), ignoring the fact that an hour is way shorter then a real 60 minutes hour, cheking the news on nect so I'll be up to date (whatever date it might be), watching my computer (he's a special guy) rendering phase 12 out of 3/ 89673 minutes, ost was banana boat song (work all night and drink a rum.....) by harry belafonte (due to a vanilla coke comercial) - which I recommend you when you are really ”˜drunk - tired' (as in groggy), surprising myself making stupid faces while listening to it (I'll avoid calling it dancing - though it occurred to me I never appreciated this song to it's real value), chating on messenger with colleagues who have the same suffering, saving files in locations and with names I never remember.
    My knees hurt, my ”˜left click-finger' hates me and hurts me, the hand has the shape of the mouse (good idea for a comercial, bill?), can't feel anything else. I am ok but have the sensation I have a very dumb smile (I stare at people while they are talking to me, don't understand anything... like a delay of 2-3 minutes - maybe I got it from my computer). You are sometimes surprised by how much you can take but in the same time this kind of experience is always a bit puryfying and a good result makes you always feel better.
    His majesty finished one of very many tasks, so from now until sometime next days I'll be here. So, a bit chearing or thoughts sharing wouldn't hurt. Don't let me fall asleep!!!!!!!!


    • aml

      oana, i think that post is even more descriptive than the last one... images were great but i prefer the rambling hiperactive grogginess of this one...brings all those late nights back very accurately.

      when i went to study outside my country this is the first thing that hit me... the culture of architecture can be stronger than the 'local' culture in that the similarities of the 'deadline phase' are dead on.

      keep it up, and remember to be nice to mr. computer, when they get into a mood it's very hard to argue them out of it.

      Jun 20, 05 6:40 pm
      David Cuthbert

      more more more

      Jun 22, 05 8:36 am

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