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    marching by myself

    By Oana S.
    Apr 13, '05 5:48 AM EST

    There is saying about ro that goes like this: ‘nice country, too bad people live there'. It is sooo true.

    I'm living with the hope of a scolarship for next year, but I can't imagine what will happen if things won't be that way.
    The cycle from highschool to becoming an architect goes like that: after the 12th grade at any highschool people choose their university. For arch, there is an exam (consisting of 3 things: math exam, technical drawing (intersection of objects, sections through obejects with different planes), a composition (usual there are few objects with different materils: wood, glass stone). So, in order to get prepared for the exam people usually take some private classes. Then your in (mostly there are around 250 people , 60 will get in). You struggle one way or the other through school. Iin the 3 or 4th year most students are already working. After the sixth year you can make a 1year master degree. If you choose to stay in school (overall grades must be over 9, not very easy too obtain) you can do it. After the sixth year, during your master year, you get too teach students. Not like a real teacher, but an assistant. In time you can become a teacher by taking some exams. Teaching is never the only job, it's the ‘second' one after working as an architect.
    Now, I'm kind of an uncomfortable student, and don't accept the excuse that ‘hey, that's the system, that's how things work, you have to accept it'. Usually I noticed m colleagues aren't too concerned about these things, but I really don't wanna play this game. You can see that it is rotten. I was told I could stay in school if I wanted too. But I feel I hardly know things myself, and I'm struggling to get to know more, but I'm far from ready to play the ‘wise teacher' role.
    But people think ‘I'm gonna be a good teacher, I'm gonna tell them some interesting things' and don't spent a second thinking wether they have teaching qualities,whether they are just mocking students, wheteher they are subjective or not. They prefer taking this ‘pompous' role and are not even admiting to themselves that they don't know half the things they are supposed to.

    I really don't want to do this. From the same reason I don't wanna work. I still am very eager to learn some stuff. I could kill for any f”¦ing scholarship.

    Sorry, just sometimes I get all caught up in this ‘revolutionary' feeling, wanting to make a difference, to make things better. But when I get real, I usually end up in tears.
    And I'm an optimistic person and even in a good mood. I thing I'll go on the streets marching for something. Anyone coming along?


    • Ludwig

      You can make your attitutle towards teaching whatever you want. It is not a one way street. You will definetly keep on learning a great deal by seeing things from outside without necessarily imposing your ideas and without the pomp you are upset about.

      Apr 13, 05 8:30 am
      Oana S.

      i can think of actually 3 teachers i loved working with. they really made an effort. unfortunately i won't meet them again in school, they are only working with the first years.
      it's such a big difference between the ones that care and are interested in your work and the others that just think they have to be dictators. once again this is an example that mentalites from the comunist period haven't changed. there are some examples that weren't ready to callaborate with the students even in face to face situations. We told them we should try to communicate and solve the tensions, but they refused and just said it is our problem, not theirs. nice!

      Apr 13, 05 11:46 am

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