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    delaying sleep - until further notice

    By Oana S.
    Aug 3, '06 4:55 AM EST

    Here is my ”˜office' at the airport. - the only place with power outlets!!!
    So: home after 6 month.
    Will make it short:
    Mom cooks great
    Cities look worse then in memory
    In the same time they offer great photo opportunities
    Dog is happy to see me - wasn't angry at all!
    Still didn't get to make that 24h sleep marathon I am planing for the last month.
    No matter how tired, catching up is a priority.
    Again, I didn't crash at my place!
    Met my fav friend - rating: 5 stars.
    Dial-up sucks.
    Will hide for a couple of days in the middle of nowhere with fam & friends.
    City feels strange - or I am a stranger to the city. - referring to hometown which I left 5 years before.
    So many things to say that you end up just looking at each other.
    Weird mixture of being home but in the same time of not really having a place (lost my room when I went to study to TM).
    That's it for now.
    Have a nice summer weekend!


    • rt m.

      Dial-up rules!!! ;P

      Aug 3, 06 6:29 am

      what is traditional romanian food? what does your mom cook for you that is so tasty?

      Aug 3, 06 2:30 pm

      happy return, Oana. I also experienced the "so many things to say that you end up just looking at eachother" phenomenon earlier this week - a good friend having just returned from a year in China...

      it wore off after a bit.

      Aug 3, 06 11:16 pm
      vado retro


      Aug 4, 06 12:11 am

      " extraña esta ciudad?, o yo estoy fuera de escala?.."

      (of course from a song: 'Paseando por Roma' by Soda Stereo)

      i need a late night playlist buddy damned!!

      Aug 8, 06 8:29 am

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